Top 5 Latest Home Remodeling Ideas in 2015

Try these clever home remodeling ideas to revamp and transform your home. Dream Maker Kitchen and Bath have compiled these tips that will change your interiors for good.
It’s a home that captures one’s soul, where we rest and rejuvenate ourselves. It’s the place where some beautiful memories are created. That’s the reason why your home should look attractive, aesthetically appealing and beautiful. So, if you are thinking of remodeling your home, adding elegance or sophistication to it, then try these latest home remodeling ideas, by Dream Maker Kitchen and Bath.

Bright and Cheery White Kitchen

It’s the timeless style, which will look trendy even in 2020! White is the colour that works best for kitchens, whether you want to give it a lavish, luxurious or a tropical island theme! Add a cottage theme to the kitchen, with contemporary crisp lines on the island, plain and not texturized countertop, with sleek cabinets and a hint of blue to add charm to your kitchen interiors. Have chairs in contrasting tones like beige, completed with upholstery in grey or light blue tones.

Conversation Pit

Conversation Pits are a big hit these days, whether it is a small or a large home. A bi-level living room will not just add spaciousness to the décor, it will also add cosiness to the living area, making it perfect for those gossips and conversations with your loved ones.

A Walk in Shower

These days more and more homes have small bathroom spaces. So, having a detached shower section or included glass walls to the shower can be quite space crunching. This is where walk-in shower adds style and sophistication to the bathroom décor. Remodel your bathroom with a walk-in shower, where the bathroom, toilet and the shower section are divided with a large wall on three sides. Another benefit of adding one- you won’t have to clean the glass in shower!

Pull out Cabinets

Well, you can buy dining tables that can be pulled out or in to increase or decrease space for eating. Similarly, you can have space in your kitchen as well, with movable, pull out cabinets. The cabinets can be used to keep simple, not so heavy items, such as cutlery or crockery, which can be shown off when you have guests at home.

Beach bathrooms

Small bathrooms can become quite messy. But adding more space is quite easy. Use this simple remodeling tip- get rid of extra cabinets and install lights all around. Incorporate dry riverbed to the tiles through mosaic flooring that will give more width to the bathroom flooring. At the same time, choose to have drawers at the baseboard, which would save a lot of space. But make sure that the bath area or shower section is away from the cabinets. Use simple colours such as blue, white and light brown for adding more space to your beach themed bathroom.

So, which one of these remodeling ideas are you going to try?

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