Get Brazilian blowout In San Diego For Soft, Shiny Hair

Is your hair dry or lacks luster? If so, go for Brazilian blowout, an innovative hair treatment that promises soft, shiny, and radiant tresses. In the last couple of years, the treatment has considerably grown in popularity owing to its excellent results.

How Exactly Does A Brazilian Blowout Work?

Basically, it is a keratin enriched process that involves creating a protective protein layer all around the hair shaft. The end result of the treatment is smooth, shiny, frizz free mane, that is extremely easy to manage. The best part is that it works on all types of hair – dry, straight, colored, curly, etc.

How Long Does The Treatment Take?

The procedure approximately takes ninety minutes to complete. It usually involves washing and shampooing the hair; applying keratin on it (the same way as hair color is applied); blow drying it; ironing it in small sections to make sure the formula is properly sealed in the hair; and lastly drying it once again.

Aftercare Products

To maintain healthy, smooth, and lustrous hair for maximum time, it is important to use quality hair products after getting the treatment. Although there are many aftercare products available in the market, it is best to go for ones suggested by professionals. Usually, experts at the beauty salon recommend their clients suitable aftercare tips as well as products, after the treatment is done.

The Best Beauty Salon In San Diego To Get The Treatment

The best salon to get Brazilian blowout in San Diego is – Bellagio Salon & Day Spa, which has been providing top-notch beauty treatments in the region for the past many years. Besides Brazilian blowout professional smoothing treatment, their broad range of services includes – facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, massages, waxing, body treatments, make-up application, hair extensions, and more. Bellagio Salon Day Spa aims at building healthy, long-term relationships with their clients and hence spares no effort to make sure they are content with the quality of their services. The salon is backed by a staff of beauty experts, who are not only highly knowledgeable about a variety of beauty procedures/treatments, but are also extremely warm and welcoming. The salon also has a clean, comfortable environment, where clients can relax and get themselves pampered through world class services.

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