Archeology Today

Kush Golden Highlights

By Angelo Chen

1600-1100 B.C.E

It was a important trading center or hub. It was just up the Nile and people going through their land could trade for gold,ivory,leather and timber. That Kush had in abundance.

730-650 B.C. E.

In this picture Kush conquered Egypt after the collapse of the New Kingdom because of its weakness and instability and Piye of Kush declared himself pharaoh. That gave Kush lots of power.

300’s B.C.C-350 B.C.E

Meroe's location still helped it make a important trading center or hub. It was a really powerful city and it lasted for nearly 1000 years.

300’s B.C.C-350 B.C.E

Kush's art and architecture flourished they also brought back the old african culture of female leadership and powerful Kandakes and queen mothers ruled Meroe.

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