The Second Best Season Ever!

By: Drew Sallman

As summer’s sizzling heat fades away, a brand new season arrives. Birds pack up and soar down the road, heading south for the winter. They halt by trees as the green leaves shift into a bright yellow, to orangey orange, then to a beautiful, deep red. Notice the piles of leaves joining onto the wet, sea green blades of grass. Clouds meet their destination in the daytime sky, as the small, bright, eye blinding star we all know hides behind them. Friends jump into their cars and head to a baseball or football field, and enjoy their favorite sport. The air seems to decrease to a lower temperature, as kids say ‘adios’ to the pool. Taste a bowl of delicious, warm soup, or place an Xbox controller in your hand. Hop like a rabbit into a gigantic leaf pile, or assist to help a tree pick off their leaves. The constellations swirl upside down, as brand new fresh ones arrive in the nighttime sky. Drive to the pumpkin patch to pick a perfect pumpkin. Carve your perfect pumpkin with scary, or fancy faces, and place a fiery candle inside. View all of the dazzling costumes, along with yours too. Say ‘Trick or Treat!’ to the people at homes that are willing to give away their delicious chocolates and candy to you. Collect a humongous collection of sweets, and devour them whole. Be a good citizen, and share your awesomeness with your family. Wait, wait, wait... it's November! Say HELLO turkey! As Thanksgiving comes your way, get excited. Gobble gobble gobble up that turkey and mash potatoes! Yum! Soon, you will notice the beautiful temp drop even lower, as the clouds will start releasing small ice crystals, and cover up the small blades of grass like a white, cozy blanket. Sadly, the second best season comes to an end, as a newer season arrives, but I shouldn’t worry, because this time will come again next year, when I’m eleven... then twelve then thirteen... you get the point!

Can you guess the mystery season? It's Autumn (Fall)! I like Summer and Spring a little better. They are both favorites, but I like Summer better than Spring. Winter is my least favorite. It's so cold!