History of Memorial Stadium and the Nebraska  Cornhuskers
By Andrew

Memorial Stadium from 1935

Memorial Stadium was constructed in 1923

It could hold 31,000 people per game.

Memorial Stadium from 1966

Memorial Stadium was expanded so more people could watch Husker football games. It could hold 65,000 fans.

Memorial Stadium was expanded again, adding skyboxes and more seats. It can now hold 90,000 Husker fans. The Huskers have a sellout streak that started on November 3, 1962. It still continued this year and they have 340 consecutive sold out games.

Go Big Red!!!

Nebraska Football started in 1890.  Their first game was against the Omaha YMCA.  Nebraska won the game 10-0.  Their team name was the Old Gold Knights.

Nebraska won Championships in many different conferences.  They were members of The Western Interstate University Football Association, Missouri Valley Conference, The Big 6, The Big 7, The Big 8. The Big 12, and The Big 10.  They won 43 conference Championships.

The Huskers have won 5 National Championships. They won it in 1970, 1971, 1994, 1995, and 1997.

Three Huskers have won the Heisman Trophy for the Best Football player in the country.

Johnny Rodger won it in 1972, Mike Rozier won it in 1983, and Eric Crouch won it in 2001.

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