Exploration Proposal

By Ethan McComb

I Ethan McComb wish that thy, Philip the lV of Spain, would fund my expedition to North Americas at 1621 so I can get you expensive things and gold. I will get you animal pelts that sell for a lot and can be used to make things like expensive coats and hats. In addition to the animal fur, I can get you lots and lots of shell fish to feed people and trade for money and gold. And if you don't think that is enough, I shall also try to find precious gems and metal for thy.

          The route I will take to claim all of this is better than England and France because my route looks like it would take longer, but it won't because the current will push us along. I will not lose very many men because it is a much faster and route than England or France. I will travel to Virginia because it is heavily wooded where I can find lots of animals and it is near water where I can find lots of shellfish.

    England and France are looking just for land and gold, but I am looking for just that plus animal skins and shell fish. That is good for us because French and England aren't looking for those, I will be able to get a lot of fur and shell fish because those will be in abundance.

  If I come across Natives or other explorers I will negotiate, but if they do not make that possible I will be forced to fight them and then enslave them. We will probably  start to starve and we will fix that by trading with the Natives. I might also have a ship crash and I will deal with that by bringing repair items to fix the ship.

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