Best Friends

By:Lesley Cale

Lesley N. Cale and Kayla B. Wolford

This would be my best friend Kayla! Shes always there for me when I need her! Usually we never get in trouble. Pshh, yeah right. More like we are always in trouble. It doesn't matter what we do there is something we always do to get in trouble. Kayla I would have to say has been the only friend I have ever had that has stuck by my side through everything. If I ever need help with anything she would be the first person I could go to that I know wouldn't tell anyone. Me and Kayla hae been friends since preschool. The only time that we have ever really not been friends was over this summer when we got into a fight but once school started  back we became friends again and forgave each other and now it's like nothing ever happened which is a really good thing!!

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