"That SAFE Teen Thing"

An Informational Program at Oley Rooker Public Library

A safety focused program for area teens

The informational program I designed, called “That SAFE Teen Thing,” was held on Tuesday, October 29 from 4p-5:30p in the community meeting room of the Oley Rooker library. (Appendix F). The library already had an existing bi-weekly teen program on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I wanted to try to build on that program as a way to draw a more diverse population of teens into the library. The objective goals of the program was taken from two of the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) nine core beliefs: •Equitable access is a key component to education. •Learning has a social context. I also focused on two of the Arkansas Department of Education Library Media Frameworks:•Students shall apply information and use resources to fulfill a purpose.•Students shall exchange information and ideas effectively and responsibly. My goals were for the teens to learn about safe practices when home alone but also what resources the library could offer to them to help with school work/entertainment or for future reference. The program was also an opportunity for the teens to meet and connect with library programmers as well as other teens and to share ideas and questions in a safe environment.

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