The importance of "A Long Walk to Water"

Looking for a good book? Read "A Long Walk to Water" by Linda Sue Park!The author of this book Linda Sue Park, wrote this book about Salva a child from Sudan who lived in a time when there was war going on and he had to leave his family. Linda Sue Park also adds a little bit in each chapter about a girl named Nya who also lives in Sudan but in a different time period and it is about the way she lives in her village. In this book you can read about what it was like living in Sudan in the 1980's and in the 2000's.

Linda Sue Park is a Korean American author. She had wrote several books and she has loved writing ever since a young age. "Even though all of my jobs required some kind of writing, it wasn't until the mid '90s that I discovered I really wanted to write children's books" (scholastic). Children's books are what Linda still writes today, "A Long Walk to Water" being one of them. Linda went to Stanford university and majored in English(scholastic). She also got degrees in London and Ireland (scholastic).

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