Christ Redeemer


The Christ Redeemer is located in Rio de Janerio, Brazil, South America.  Thousands of tourist visit the Christ Redeemer every year.  It is one of the most famous attractions all around the world.  It is made from soap stone that is a very soft type of stone.A Catholic Priest came up with the idea for the statue in 1850 it was entirely finished in 1920. It symbolizes Brazilian Christianity. The Christ Redeemer is 98 feet tall and from finger tip to finger tip is 92 feet.I think the Christ Redeemer is a 7 wonder because it represents the one that made the world.

This video gives us detailed information about the materials used when creating the statue.

Christ   Redeemer   lightning   strike.   

Lightening rods were added to protect the statue.
This is the Christ Redeemer being repaired.

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