Prank FWD

I Proposed to my Girl Friend when she was having a bad Day.

Yes i finally did it. I proposed, didn't go actually as I planned but she said yes.  We were driving to have dinner when her car's engine blew up on the freeway.  I think it caused an accident behind us which led to a fender bender.  

The reason I'm writing this is because my fiancee seriously needs a break.  We found out 2 weeks ago that we are pregnant.  Now she lost her car and her only source of income.  Yes, she was a delivery driver for Postmates.  She has gone through a lot in her life, that is why I am saying she needs a break.  Now unemployed with a degree in Criminal Justice, no car and pregnant, she is the sweetest person on earth and I love her to death.  Such a caring soul.  

These are the pictures which were posted on the WSDOT twitter of us standing on the shoulder of the freeway while we were surrounded by Fire trucks.

Just asking a kind soul to help her start a career in the field she likes and give her a break, because she needs one. Thank You.

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