Caring classroom
By: Manoela Garza


Teachers have to be more than teachers, they should be a friend. By creating a friendship with the students the students know feel that they care. Begin with learning students name and memorizing them, then learn about each individual students small stuff like favorite colors etc not their whole life story. Plan lessons on friendships so the students can also build a friendship with each other. Everyone should be comfortable with each other..


Respect is one of the most important things in a classroom. Teachers should be respected as well as the teachers respecting the students. Disrespect should not be allowed at anytime, if there is a conflict between students it should be resolved but the students will not disrespect each other.


When the teacher asks for students feedback and opinions students must feel as they are important and that their opinion matters. Students shouldn't be scared to raise their hand to ask or comment something. Student involvement  is very important to see where the student stands as far as the lesson, feeling or anything of that idea.


The Class should be a whole group and nobody should be left out. By acting as one together it makes students have a stronger bond. Students should work hard and help each other.  

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