Music is a way to express people's feelings and to get it off their chest. Music can be powerful in many ways by talking about culture or it can be talking about Religious things. Music to me is a way to relax my body from a long day at school to relaxing me if I'm stressed out or if I had a bad day. Music can affect me physically and emotionally. Some types of music can make me sad and other types of music can make me happy and getting me going. Every night when me and my family eat dinner at the table we always listen to jazz music because it's calming music that's peaceful to listen to. My parents like listening to music especially my dad who listens to music all the time. He plays music before he goes to bed to relax him.


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3 years ago

Cool that your family listens to music together, Nick. Do you have a favorite jazz artist? You do a great job with the first half of the assignment but are missing the second part of the prompt where you discuss how music affects a larger group/culture. Let me know when you've finished so I can update your credit.