Rhode Island


This is the map of Rhode Island.

Welcome to Rhode Island i hope you enjoy scrolling down and wonderful facts

Travel Information

It takes 16 hours,23 minutes, by car, to travel from Atlanta, Georgia, to Providence, Rhode Island. The total distance from Atlanta to Providence is 1,060 miles.


The average temperature in Providence, Rhode Island, in April, is 58 degrees.The hot summers are fun but most likely there are no dry seasons.

Popular Attractions

Cliff Walk

Ocean on one side and mansions  on the other side it is very pretty.

Physical Features

Rail Train

The  MTBA  Rails  Providence/Stoughton Line links Providence and T.F. Green Airport with Boston.


Frozen Lemonade

Its a super freezy delicous sweet tart dessert made frozen with lemonade drizzled all over.

Historical Landmarks


This was first inclosed as a shopping mall in est.1828 in U.S.

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3 years ago

I had to check out what was said about Rhode Island because I grew up in New Hampshire (close by) & visited this state quite often. You did such a nice job showcasing the teeny tiny state. It sure has a lot to offer even though it's so small! Great work!

3 years ago

Beautiful work Jess! I remember visiting RI when I was in college in Boston and thinking what a great place it was to visit! You make me want to go back there again, we need to plan a trip so you can see all the history, landmarks, food and scenery with your own eyes! You know what they say: " Good things come in small packages!" and that is certainly true for Rhode Island :-) I am so proud of your hard work, Love Mom xxx

3 years ago

WOW I need to go to this place now

3 years ago

I really want the frozen lemonade and i want to go to cliff walk.

3 years ago

good work Jessica you did amazing

2 years ago