Smartphone Vs Tablet - What You Need?

Nexus 7 2013, iPad Air, Samsung Tab 3, iPad Mini Retina, Nexus 10 2, etc. are some of the finest offerings at the present time in the category of tablets. On the other hand iPhone 5s, Note 3, HTC One, Galaxy S4, Xperia Z1, etc. are packed with most powerful hardware and performance.

Years back tablets were originally launched for providing a bigger ten inches display; when smartphone screens were max. 3.5 inches. The concept behind tablet devices was providing user facility to do their digital work from mobile locations with ease.

Now a days, display of mobile phones have grown comparatively larger than past days (varying from 4.0 to 6.0 inches), and tablets are offered in smaller screen variants for ease of use; so what exactly you need for yourself.

How Will You Carry It?

People use smart devices as they want ease of operability, but sometimes carrying a ten inches device is difficult compared to five inches one. Sure smartphones are smaller compared to tablets and working on tables is comparatively convenient. But, if you wish to have your hands free with device in pocket then preferring smartphones over tablet is a better option.

What do You Need Tablet For?

Smartphone and tablets, both are packed with power and performance these days. You can finish tasks from smartphone, sure working on tabs is easier but if you can work from your mobile phone, then why you should spend extra dollars on tablet. But if you have lot of work to be done while on the move then tablets are on the winning side.

Web Connection

Another considerable point in deciding what you need is Internet connection, as these devices mostly runs online or sync data in background. Smartphones have inbuilt network supporting hardware, it is but obvious. On the other hand tablets are offered in variant – Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular. If you work from office or home where you will get Wi-Fi connection then what is the need, you have laptop to work from. If you travels a lot and use tablet you need to pay data charges for additional device.

Text Messaging and Calling

Greater number of tablets used worldwide are Wi-Fi variant, you cannot make calls from them. Sure you can do everything with apps, but that uses data, which is pretty costly on the move.

The Cost Factor

Duo of a powerful smartphone and nice tablet will cost you much more than $1000, but under the same amount you can get an awesome Phablet or a Tabphone that will let you do all. If you wish to go bit economical then using a single device for all your needs is a better option.