Climbing Towards Greatness

Melanie Phillips
April 16,2014

Some goals may be tough
To reach; others easy
Each will take obviously determination

Whether it is
Making a sports team or solos
In a concert
Beating previous records or
receiving an A.

Many goals threaten us
Taunt us by
Pressuring our personal limits
Like an ill patient in a bubble.
But if we break that wall
That limit wall; we can make
Life changing experiences

But we are afraid
Like bees in rain
We sit down and shut up
We lose faith
We give up

If the sky is the limit...
How are there footprints
On the moon

I'll tell you how
People told them that their dreams
And goals were impossible
But they didn't quit!
They proved everyone wrong

With cureless disease can scientists just quit?
No, they would just let people die
The disease doesn't matter
It is the cure that holds the impact

So, why can't you
Why can't you take everyone's limits
Made for you and shatter them
Like rock to glass...

Goals important or not important
What do you think?
Goals, prove to everyone you care to be
So... what are your goals?

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