The Advantages of Implementation of the HACCP System

HACCP certification ensure that the food in the consumption of production, processing, manufacturing, preparation and consumption of process safety. In terms of hazard identification, evaluation and control, it is a scientific, reasonable and systematic method. However, it is not representing an unacceptable health threat. HACCP system is not an isolated system, but it creates a good food hygiene management in the enterprise on the basis of traditional management system. HACCP certification occupies an important role in enterprise development, then come to see the advantages of implementation of the HACCP system.

1.Emphasize to identify and prevent the risk of food contamination, overcome traditional food safety control methods. (Through testing rather than prevent food safety problems)

2.Have a complete scientific basis.

3.Due to save the long record of a company in line with the food safety law, it makes government investigators are more efficient and have more effective results. Moreover, it is convenient for regulatory authorities to carry out the investigation.

4.Makes possible and reasonable potential hazards are identified, even if not previously experienced a similar failure problem ever before. Therefore, it has special use for the new operators.

5.Have more fully elastic for the change. For example, in equipment design improvements and in related to the product process and the improvement of technology development, etc.

6.More coordinated with the quality management system.

7.Help to improve the competitiveness of the food enterprises in the global market, increase food safety credibility and promote the development of trade.

As people around the world pay increasingly attention to food safety and hygiene, food industry and its consumers have become the main driver of enterprise application HACCP certification. After the draw up the HACCP system plan, enterprise need to actively promote, earnestly implement and constantly to validate its effectiveness.

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