Do You Know How Much We Love Our Staff...

We love you more than applesauce,

Than peaches and a plum,

More than chocolate hearts

And cherry tarts

And berry bubble-gum.

We love you more than lemonade

And seven-layer cake,

More than lollipops,

Candy drops

And a thick vanilla shake.

We love you more than marzipan,

Than marmalade on toast.

For we love pies,

Of any size,

But we love our staff the most!

Happy Valentine's Day

Join Us in the Teacher's Lounge for Treats!
February 13, 2015

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3 years ago

Staff, we hope you enjoyed your treat from the counselors! Have a fantastic Valentine's Day and enjoy your upcoming holiday! Thank you for practicing Random Acts of Kindness and we ask that you continue to pass it on!