look out girl

There I am standing on the one face of the net on the on the green cort just waiting. Clenching my fists to my racket. man I’m so nervous. Anxious. I have never had a match like this befor. I stare at my opponent. Still waiting all I smell is sweat I taste it too I also  taste fear. looking down my knees with my scrunched up face. They are bent and I’m swaying side to side. The crowd still. Silent. I look up again I see the fire in my opponents eyes. Suddenly my opponent lifts her racket trough's and hits the ball to send it smashing towards me. I get ready to smack it back. “I hope I can hit the ball.” Suddenly the crowd goes wild. 

Here comes the ball I keep my eyes on the yellow and white ball. I get in position. I swing my racket I feel a fat shock from the racket . Then realizing I hit the ball I HAVE HIT THE BALL! Now the swished yellow and white ball is flying back to my opponent. She was ready to smack the ball right back at me. Here I am waiting for the ball to come flying back at me I get back in position ready to hit the ball another time. With the rowing crowd it would be hard to concentrate. My opponent’s eye’s widen as she watches the ball. I hope I can hit the ball another time.

Just then she swing’s her racket but she missed the ball. SMACK. There was a quick yelp. The ball went straight into her face. It made her head fling back instantly. she resemble a pig. The gasp from the crowd made me pleased. Amused. Then she was crying and she dropped to the ground with a thud. Another gasp from the crowd. My opponent got got back up . She gazed at me her face was smashed. It was covered in blood. Missing teeth. I hope her family was not in the crowd. I started to taste revenge but was it too much. I started to feel nervous. Afraid. Was I going to get kicked out of the match. Feeling guilty. Was I now a bully. Was I now a person that makes people cry. Putting my hands on my face to hit my sham.

By Jack W

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