By: Rhyan Crenshaw


The definition of depression in my own words: I think that depression is a illness that makes you feel a lot of different emotions.

Interesting facts

  • You don't enjoy the things that once made you happy
  • You cant concentrate or focus
  • Your sleeping to much or to little
  • Depression rates go up everyday
  • Children can also be diagnosed with depression

They're a lot of interesting things about depression. The things that caught my eye, You don't enjoy the things that once made you happy. Some of the facts can be sad like the fact that children can be diagnosed with depression. The rates of depression go up everyday including children depression rates also.

What causes it?

Its not known what really causes depression but, most people who have it have other mental disorders like bipolar disorder or something of that sort.

Symptoms/Signs of depression

  • Reckless behavior
  • Anger or irritability
  • Appetite or Weight loss
  • Feeling helpless of hopeless

Symptoms or signs of depression can be shown in different ways. Not everybody finds out that they have depression the same way mainly, because the symptoms are shown differently. Some symptoms can harm that person or the people around them like, anger and irritability even, reckless behavior. Some symptoms cause health problems like loosing to much weight or gaining to much weight.

How to help with depression?

The best way to help people who with depression is to be there. Showing that you love and care for a person while he/she is going through depression can always help. If someone is uncomfortable with showing affection personally, send a card showing that you care or even a letter. The most important way to help is to never Judge or Criticize.

Why is depression important for people to know about?

It is very important for people to know about depression. Mainly for people who witness it or experiences it. By people knowing it could help them and everyone around them. Depression is a serious and can be dangerous disorder.

Sources that i used?

How the problem was in my book

The problem is that her father left her mom. Now, they were living in the ghetto with people who play loud rap music, do drugs, and shoot. Now her sister got mixed in with the crowd of bad people and she ran away. Then, her father came back and he helped her find her sister. Now, she doesn't know if everything is going to be back how it used to before he left but, she hopes do.

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