Gupta Empire

the empire with the controbutions

Indias golden age

             The golden age came during the gupta empire chandra gupta started the empire. it was a time of peice and no war and everything was good no conflict among people and there diffrences. there was time for knoledge to be shared and ideas to be thought out.

whats a golden age?

Glad you asked a gholden age is a time in a cultures history where there is peace a prosperity. there are many cultrual controbutions. like Great advances were made in art, literature and science. and religoun was becoming bigger like hinduism. there was also the time when there started to be universitys around for schools.

who started the gupta empire?

A man by the name of Chandra Gupta. Thats also how the empire got the name because he named it after himslef. He broke away from the other kings and decided to create a deacent sized kingdom. not going overboard with it. He soon strengthened the kingdom by marrying Kumaradevi daughter of the king of Licchavis. The licchavis controlled a major portion of the region of Bihar and Nepal. this made his empire expand out to a good amount of north india.

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