10 Sites for Educational Documentaries
Diane Heitzenrater

  • Chockadoc - A nice site for finding documentaries w/ an educational category where people can rate videos as well.
  • Documentary Heaven - A great place to find 1000's of documentaries on a wide variety of subjects.
  • Documentary Storm - A fun community for finding documentaries rated on a 6 star scale.  Users have the ability to leave comments and collaborate w/ others.
  • Documentary Tube - A wonderful place to find documentaries where users can save documentaries by creating playlists.
  • Documentary Wire - A simple site w/ lots of educational documentaries to browse through.
  • DocumentaryZ - A great place to find free documentaries where people can search by most popular, subject, or best rated.
  • Free Documentaries - This is a excellent place to find political and educational documentaries.
  • John Locker - A nice place to find documentaries where people can rate and upload videos as well.
  • Snag Films - One of the most popular sites for finding documentaries and independent films.  Also, people can share these films and view on a mobile app.
  • Top Documentary Films - A terrific site w/ lots of documentaries to search through where users have the ability to leave comments.
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