The Moons importance

Austin Gilliam
8th hour

Have you ever wondered what causes moon phases well let me show you. The sun and earth cause the moon to change phases. One of the phases are waxing crescent waning crescent a waxing gibbous and a waning gibbous and also there's a full moon and a new moon and that's all the moon phases

now were going to talk about tides there are a lot of tides there are Neal tides high tides low tides and spring tides. There are different types of tides because tides happen for a reason like different parts of earth effect a tide like when earth is tilted a certain way it causes the tide to rise or the tide to lower.

now where going to talk about 4 different types of eclipses. Annular solar total solar partial lunar and total lunar. Theses eclipses effect us by when there's a solar eclipses it gets dark in the middle of the day and also effects us by covering most or the whole sun giving less light to us and animals.

the moon is important to us because it helps us know where we are heading when were lost and make night time not so night.

if earth didn't have a moon night time will seem too dark because the moon is a big difference when its in the sky then when its not

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