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Advanced Placement and Summer Reading Summer Work available!

All of the summer work is available on the BHS website.

For Advanced Placement work, follow this link:    

BHS Advanced Placement Work 2015-16

For summer reading, follow this link:

BHS Summer Reading for Honors and Advanced Classes

Dual Enrollment Information

Contact your teachers to find out what textbooks you will need for your courses.

For Nancy Baty's College Algebra course, you will need the text College Algebra with Modeling & Visualization, 5thedition, by Rockswold ISBN: 9780321826138 / 0321826132.  You will also need a TI-83 or TI-84 Plus graphing calculator for this course.

For Natalie McDowell's American History course, you will need the text The American Promise: A Concise History, 5th Edition (Bedford/St. Martins, Publishers)ISBN: 0312666764

You can rent or purchase (new or used). We recommend you check several sources before renting or purchasing as prices may vary significantly.

MTSU Convocation Invitation

MTSU has invited all BCA students to attend the Convocation held at MTSU on August 23, 2015, at Murphy Center. This is not an Academy requirement as the book may not be appropriate for all levels of high school students. Some of our teachers have attended and enjoyed past convocations at MTSU.

"MTSU's convocation is an exciting and inspiring look at the start of college life. You will see accoutrements that you will not see again until you graduate from college," said Geneva Cook, English IV teacher and Academy Life Experience coordinator.

Send in your Academic/ Extracurriculars

Follow this link: BCA Academic and Extracurricular form

This information will help the BCA committees tailor your experience to your interests and needs. Email Christine Bryan or  Ken Reed if you have questions about what you should include or are having difficulty accessing the form.

Aspiring Artists:
Design BCA's inaugural student
T-shirt and win a free T-shirt displaying your own work AND a $50 prize from BCA!

Students, we would love for our 1st t-shirt design to be designed by an Academy student. Send in your t-shirt design/idea to by June 30th.


1. Have fun!

2. Include the BCA logo. (You can just indicate where the logo will be placed, or you can save the image from this newsletter.)

3. Please do not use any trademarked logos in your design as this will disqualify you.

4. Don't limit your design space on the shirt.

5. The design should be your own!

6. Entries will be voted on anonymously by fellow Collegiate Academy members two weeks after the contest deadline. The design with the most votes will win!

BCA Speaker Series

Vincent Windrow, MTSU's Vice Provost of Student Success, will be speaking to BCA students in early August during a Prime Time. If you have questions about MTSU's offerings, he's your man! Stay tuned for updates!

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