Community Government

What is Government?

Every community and city has a government chosen by the people. The government makes laws that the people must follow. The government decided what to do with the town's land. It decides how much money to spend taking care of the town. It even plans new playgrounds. The government takes care of the community.

A Town Meeting

People at a town meeting plan ways to make their town better. They choose leaders who will run the town for the next year.


Mayor Jim Schmitt

A mayor is the leader of a town or city. To lead the community, the mayor must work with the council. A council is a group of people who make laws and plans for the town. The people of the town or city choose the council. In some places the people choose the mayor. In other towns, the council chooses the mayor.

Serving the Community

Government leaders plan services, or ways of helping people in the community. People in a town need good roads, schools and parks. These are kinds of services.


The services a community uses cost money. The people who live in a community and who use the services have to pay for such services. The people pay taxes, by paying money to the government.

-workers pay a tax on the money they earn

-people pay a tax each year on the land and buildings they own

-when people buy certain items in a store, they may pay a tax

Community Problems

If there is a problem in your community, your parents can attend a town council meeting. The town council will vote on a plan to help solve the problem in the community.

Think about your classroom as a community. Is there a problem in your community that you think can be solved? Write your thoughts on the Padlet by clicking on the button.