Piedmont Region of Georgia

by: Tori Phillips and Sarah Lemacks

Metro Atlanta


The business in the Piedmont consist of very many successful businesses such as the Toyota Mall of Georgia and the Mall of Georgia. We also have other various businesses that have over the years have had many successes. Due to our very large populous of 4.5 million and growing we have a very large Gross Domestic Production rate. Our stock market has rapidly increased over the decade.Airplanes and cars are made here.

Toyata Mall of Georgia


Here in the Piedmont area we have numerous tourist attractions such as Six Flags, a Farris wheel, Turner Field where our famous Braves play baseball.We have very good basketball teams such as The Atlanta Dream and The Hawks.We also have other tourist attractions such as The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial,Fox theater,and The World of  Coca


Agriculture is very big the Piedmont region because of the temperate climate. It is often warmer here for a longer period of time which increases the farming season.Many people are willing to move to the Piedmont because of our temperate weather.

Physical Features

The Fall Line is a physical feature that can provide hydroelectricity  and acts as a boarder to split the Piedmont and the Coastal Plain region.The Chattahoochee River is more of a regional trade system that starts in the Blue ridge region and boarder Alabama and Georgia.The Savannah River is an international trade river that also acts as a boarder as well this river also begins in the Blue Ridge area.

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