My Summer Journal Featuring
IMTA, New YOrk 2015

By: Meridan101

It started with this card and learning about IMTA in New York City.  "IMTA"  stands for International Models & Talent.   On their materials it says it's "The Experience of a Lifetime" AND FOR ME IT WAS!

My agency, The Peak Agency , selected me to attend and that's when things got real...I had to get a current headshot, compcard, and a whole portfolio of pictures ready to go - PRONTO! - It was a lot of work, but Ben Easter Photography made it really fun too!

Getting ready didn't stop there! It meant doing heaps of laundry and deciding what to wear. (I must have tried on a million outfits!)  I also had to learn my scripts and monologe too.  

My family decided to stay in touch with me by using Skype.  Before I left, I taught my mom how to use it with the help of my older sister!  As you can see from her comment/screenshot  above (typical) that we had our ups and downs:):)  In the end, my mom finally figured it out. - Lol!

I also spent time researching NYC and all of the fun things to do there.

FINALLY, the big day came!!!  I was a little nervous, but mostly really EXCITED... and I was off!!!!

Once I got there, I learned how to navigate the city by walking around, riding the subway, and taking cabs.  I saw many SPECTACULAR things!  See the pictures above for some of the places I visited: New World Trade Center, 9/11 Memorial, Times Square, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Atlas Building, Empire State Building, Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Guggenheim Museum, Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show Studio, and more!

This picture is from when I first arrived.  From there, it was "SHOW TIME" and time to compete in all of the different competitions.  I was contestant 2402.  I'm not sure how many thousands it went up too, but there were a lot of people there!

I had fun competing and I made some great friends too. This is Makenna- the Comedian.  She was super nice and really fun to hangout with too!

At the end of IMTA, we celebrated with a banquet and an awards ceremony. Many people received different types of awards.  I placed for "Best Female Actor Of The Year" and won a third place trophy for that!!!  The glass medal was for placing second in "Screen Test", and the three silver medals were for honorable mention in: "Theatrical Headshot", "Improv", and "Monologue".

This is my friend Caitlyn. Caitlyn is also apart of The Peak Agency.  She did really well too and came away with several top awards and even a scholarship!

The last day of the showcase was for "callbacks". Not everyone received callbacks, so I was VERY HAPPY to be there. I met with New York and Los Angeles talent agents, talent managers, and casting directors.   We talked about my future in acting and possible interviews in Los Angeles for commercials and TV.   Very exciting!!!!

Well, that's a wrap!

It's safe to say... I LOVE NY!!!

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2 years ago

You took New York by storm and came out a star!!

2 years ago

Thank you!!!