Literally the coolest climate


  • Polar Climate
  • Average temperature of the hottest month < 0 degrees C
  • Summer has little difference from the other seasons

     Based upon the low precipitation rates of Antarctica, it can be concluded that EF climates are dry.  However, the precipitation will accumulate because it cannot melt easily.  An EF climate can average 166 millimeters of precipitation per year, and this is based off of the precipitation rates of Antarctica because it is the only region with a dominant EF climate.

Can be found in:

  • Greenland
  • Antarctica

     Greenland's ice cap climate is shrinking due to heating in the atmosphere melting the ice, so it might only have the climate for several more decades.  The climate that will most likely cover the country by then is ET, in which the average temperature of the hottest month can range from 0 to 10 degrees Celsius.  

     Antarctica's ice cap climate is stable so it will stay much longer due to its extremely cold temperatures, as it is the coldest area on the planet.  Antarctica is the only region with EF as the dominant climate.  Antarctica holds the record for the coldest recorded temperature at -89.2 degrees Celsius.   

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