Nice Dinner plan by samantha p.

Have you ever learn how to make a special dinner will if you don’t today you’re going to learn how.

Main meal

This is the main meal. I love to make guacamole tortia roll that what we are going to make today. Step one grab a tortia roll put it in the even for :50 second. Grab your avocado cut it in half put it in the bawl grab a fork and mix it add salt, sauce dip and sour cream. Now try it put it on the tortia roll put some pork chop on the grill check it every minute. When it is done cut it in paces and put it on the tortia roll. Now add some lattes, cheese and you done with the main meal

Side dish

Now we are going to make the side dish. Let’s make a salad first add lattes, small tomato’s, carrot slices, shrouded cheese, ranch dressing, and slices of turkey. Now we are done with the side dish.


Now we are going to make some snacks. I love to make my favorite dipping sauce. First grab a avocado cut it in half. Put it in a bawl grab a fork stir it up add some salt, onion, sauce. Now try it if you like it try it with a chip now we are going to move on.


Now we are going to decorate. Clean the table put some candle’s on the table. Put some music on, set all the food on the table. We are finished.

I hope your enjoy the meal it well properly taste good.