Why were Jews the target in World War II?

The Great Depression hit Germany incredibly hard. Hitler and the Nazis used the Jews as a "scape goat" to blame for their troubles. Germany got behind the Nazi party and helped persecute the Jewish people. Once the entire country was behind the Nazis it was almost impossible for the Jews to escape the persecution. The Jews did NOT do anything wrong, they were just blamed for the German troubles.  

As seen in the video, Jews are wealthy after WWI and the Germans were not. Germans were upset with the promotion of Communism. Germans then pointed fingers at Jews. German nationlists warned Germans that they could become victims to the Jewish. Hitler gained power over this idea of the Jewish potentially taking power. This later led to Jews being put in Concentration Camps.

Modern Day Connection

The way Hitler and the Nazis used Jewish people as a scape goat is very similar to the way Muslims are treated today. Many ignorant people say that all Muslims are terrorists, which is very untrue. Muslims are blamed for the actions of actual terrorists because they have similar religious beliefs and for the clothes they wear. Both Jews and Muslims did very little wrong and were blamed for problems in the world.


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