Agents of Socialization


My family had a huge impact on my socialization process. Throughout my childhood, my parents stressed the importance of sharing and taking your turn. In addition, they taught me how to behave and how to properly sit at a dinner table. There were indirect socialization tactics as well. They would allow me to watch Spongebob to learn life lessons, and how to deal with situations. When I did something wrong, they would be sure to correct me, or punish me if needed. My brother was a huge role model throughout my life. He would show me how things were supposed to be done. In many cases, I would copy what he did, because I knew he was more knowledged and more experienced than I was.


School is meant to teach you subjects like Math or English, but it is also meant to teach life skills and social interaction. Through student and teacher interaction, I have learned many of my social skills. In many cases, it is necessary for a student to succeed in school by communicating with other students or the teacher. The bell schedule and administrators are implicated to create order. Some of these skills are not seen in households, and in some cases, school is the only way for a student to learn these socialization skills. My personal interaction with teachers has taught me the importance of getting good grades, and manners. My personal interaction with students taught me to be respectful towards other people, and respect their opinions and viewpoints. Throughout schooling, these qualities have gotten stronger and developed me as a person in society.

Peer Groups

My friends and peers have affected my socialization process tremendously. As I grow up, my friends and peers have taught me to play nicely and how to be nice and take turns. They also taught me to work as a team to accomplish a goal. On the playground, I was taught to deal with other kids and get through problems correctly. On the soccer field, I was taught how teamwork is so important, and how listening to coaches is so important. Friends reminded me that teachers have more knowledge and they know what they are talking about.

Mass Media

Mass media was a good part of my socialization process. As I listen to the news, I hear about horrible things like murders and suicide, and these instances teach me never to do things like that. YouTube hosted videos that taught me a wide variety of things. It helped me understand things that I didn't know and filled holes in information. Video games played a huge role. I spend most of my time playing video games. It teaches teamwork and how to deal with others.

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