A day in the life a student in Indoenesia

Her name is Putu and she is eleven and in fifth grade

5:30 a.m

She wakes up in the morning and eats chicken, rice, and vegetables.

7:20 a.m

Before she goes she goes to the temple in the back and prays

7:45 a.m

Before school starts she and her friends usually go for a walk on the rice fields

1:00 p.m

Her sister and her try to nap for a few hours.


Her dad comes and picks up her and her sister from dance class.


6:30 P.M. Her family eats dinner together

A day in the life of Camber Cavaliere

I am twelve years and in seventh gradrer.


Usually I am up doing my hair and finding my outfits


I ma usually brushing my teeth or waiting for the bus


I am at school and in the gym waiting to be dismissed to class


I am in fifth period getting ready to go to sixth period.


I am at home or on the bus waiting for my stop.


I am finally at home eating dinner andtalking about my day.

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