FireStar Part One

We knew him at Rusty then. Changed to Firepaw. ( Read the first five books ) Then after BlueStars death he became FireStar. A while passed he lost some lives. But then when Dovekit and Ivykit were apprentices, Dovepaw hid her powers and Ivypaw got mad. So Ivypaw came into FireStars den and told him about her dream, she said ThunderClan blood will spill and ShawdowClan ruled the forest. So FireStar went to ShawdowClan to get back his land and then a war goes on. In the end Russetfur, ShadowClans deputy, had FireStars Throat in her mouth. Then Loinblaze came up and tore her back from FireStar and then they fell to the ground. Then a ShawdowClan warrior came up and said "YOU KILLED RUSSETFUR!" As BlackStar ran up and pleaded she wasn't dead. Then Loinblaze said he didn't do it or didn't mean to. Then BlackStar said " It was not worth the blood lost here today", as he sat by Russetfur's dead body gleaming in the broad day. Then as Lionblaze turned around, FireStar has all ready lost a life.

Thanks for reading this is just part one ask me about another event with FireStar and I canna me it Part Two! 😊