Princess Diana

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade  Language Arts class
By Madeleine M

Princess Diana was born on July 1, 1961 in Sandringham, United Kingdom and died August 31, 1997.

Significant Events Going on During Princess Diana Life

1.  The Gulf War

2. Her father going through very tough times

                                                Diana's Childhood

When her mother was pregnant with Diana they actually wanted a boy. When she was born it made things even worse because her parents just 18 months ago was born but died ten months later after his birth because he was so sick. Since birth she was provided with a nanny. When she was growing up she didn't see her parents much as she would have liked. She was always helping her younger brother out, Charles.

                                             People Who Influenced Fred's Life

   1. Her siblings- They were always there for her when she needed them.

2. Prince William- Her first child. She didn't want a nanny taking care of him she wanted to do it by herself.

3. Prince Henry- Her second child. Prince Charles the father was a little disappointed that it was a boy. He was rushed off to play polo.

                                                  Unique facts....

1. She didn't go straight to school at first, but after the first two years she started going to public schools.

2. When she was little she fell of a horse and fractured her arm.


1. She helped babies with diseases or aids.

2.She put a helping hand in of a leaper and comforting the dying.

3. She worked with cancer patients, and the poor continued unabated after the divorce.

4.She helped her husband through some hard times when he was dearly with his friends dying.   

5. She became an active opponent of the use of such weapons during the war.


                                                     The Theme of Diana's Life is...

The theme of princess Diana's life is always do kind things for other people. The world seen how Diana was and they said " she doesn't need to wear the crown to be a princess".

                                                               Word of Advice

" She immediately signed up with several temporary employment. The future Princess of Wales also took on jobs cleaning houses and washing clothes" (pg. 36).  This taught me that even if you have high expectations you can still do what regular people do just like Princess Diana did.    

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