Pagan, Khmer, trading kingdoms, Vietnam

Pagan- established by people called the Burmans. first great king was Anawrahta who ruled from 1044-1077. Anawrahta helped to establish more trading ports and built magnificent Buddhist temples.

Khmer- Emperors adopted both buddhist and hindu beliefs and ruled as gods. Angkor Was one of the most famous temples. May have been used as an astronomical observatory. Came up with an irrigation system which helped with the growth of crops.

Trading kingdoms- saildrean people lived on the island of java. Mainly relied on agriculture and trade. Srivijaya empire was located on Sumatra Island. They adopted Hinduism and buddhism. They became wealthy because they controlled over seas trade.

Vietnam- adopted many aspects of the Chinese culture. The truing sisters built an army to run out the Chinese but the Chinese quickly regained power and the sisters drowned themselves.