Characterization: Montag

Doesn't Think

Indirectly: Spirited

Montag is indirectly characterized as having feelings in the book Fahrenheit 451. One example is, Montag has been trying to read books and see whats inside of them. At first, he burned all books for his job, but he has been more and more attached to them as the book goes on. Another example is, he has been hiding books throughout his house and so the firemen doesn't burn them. He wants help from his friend Faber, so he can help him read and understand the book. That's why Montag is indirectly characterized as having feelings.

Directly: Brave

Montag is directly characterized as brave in Fahrenheit 451. As said in the story on pg. 81. "Faber for the first time, raised his eyebrows and looked directly into Montags face." "Your brave" Faber said this to Montag because of all the hardships he has been through and how he keeps on going. Most people wouldn't ever move on after so many things have happened like, his wife dying, a friend of his is already dead, and someone who might of been a friend was burnt less than 24 hours ago.

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