Tools of Trade

by Genevieve Heltebridle

The tools of trade are Edmodo, Remind,, Tackk, and the IB Design cycle. The first four are websites that are useful both in and outside of technology class. The design cycle is a process that will be in the last section. These are all useful.


Edmodo is a website that teachers and students can create accounts on and post messages. Students can join groups with codes given in class to stay updated with groups. Teachers can post assignments for students to complete and turn in online. If you were absent from school, you can ask people on Edmodo what you missed for a class. You can post comments or a worksheet to help a friend. Edmodo also has a reminder that lets you know if you missed an assignment.

This is a website that has charts and data/surveys you can look at. You can make your own info graphic with text, pictures, and objects, but this is difficult. is mostly for class projects. You can also use some of the data for your own graphic. It allows you to make graphics that represent data so it is easier to understand.




Remind is an app that is used by teachers and students. Once you create an account with an email and password, it can send you emails and text messages to let you know due dates for assignments. Then you won't have to turn in assignments late.



Tackk is a website you can use to create a website. No codes are needed for this. You create an account first, or your page will expire in a few days.You can choose a color, palette, pattern, and text font. Then you add headlines and text. you are allowed to create links to other websites and download pictures/media onto the webpage. Then you publish the page when you are finished. Other people can search and look at it on the internet once it is published.



The IB Design Cycle

Is a process used to create a solution to a problem.

Step 1: Investigate

This step involves researching solutions to the problem. You have to explore all of your options. Then you think of the best ones.

Example: All of my homework is done, Im bored, and now I have free time. What should I do?

1. Go on a bike ride. No, they would probably be mad, since no one was home.

2. Weed the garden and plant seeds. Sounds good, I like growing things.

3.Watch Man vs. Wild. Yeah, thats okay.

4. Get a job.

Step 2: Plan

You have to choose an option and decide how/why you want to do it.

Example: Yeah, I'll go outside and take care of the garden. I shouldn't just sit on the couch and get fat and lazy. What should I plant? I still have some seed packets left. I'll plant some carrots and periwinkles. Now I have to pull all the grass out.

Step 3: Create

Create the solution or do the task according to plan.

Example: Okay, I'm going outside now. I'm getting the seed packets and the shovel. Don't forget the garden gloves.

Step 4: Evaluate

Reflect on your decision/solution. Did it actually work for you? Why did you choose this?

Example: That was all right. It gave me something to do. I did this because I needed exercise and couldn't get out of the house.

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