Poetry Collection Vocabulary 4

By: Kacie Long

Crystal- made of clear, brilliant glass

She went to the jewelry store to look at crystals.

Sinewy- tough and strong

A lot of ladies adored him because he was very sinewy.

Brawny- strong and muscular

The man goes to the gym to try to get brawny.


The little boy said he wants to grow up and be a parson

Wrought- shaped by hammering

She said she wanted a custom made house and she wants a wrought gate.

Haunches-the upper legs, hips of a animal

The cat was standing on its haunches begging for food.

1. No, if a dog is running it wouldn't be sitting.

2. Yes, a weight lifter would e brawny because they have been lifting weights.

3. I would expect a piano player to have sinewy hands because they have to move there fingers a lot.

4.  If a glass is made or crystal it is breakable.

5.  Yes, a parson would be most likely to be in a church because minister minister in churches.

6. Yes, something that is wrought is made of hammering.

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