Salmonella, the name of a group of bacteria, is one of the most common causes of food poisoning in the United States. Usually, symptoms last 4-7 days and most people get better without treatment. But, Salmonella can cause more serious illness in older adults, infants, and persons with chronic diseases. If you want to prevent getting Salmonella, clean your hands with soap and warm water before handling with your foods, always clean your surface before preparing your food on them. Wash your hands when you are feeding or giving you pets treats. Keep all your foods at the right temperature and make sure that you foods are cooked before eating.

This video talks about the symptoms when catching Salmonella.

A lightly cooked egg, most people like their eggs runny, but some people don't' know you are at a risk of catching salmonella.
I love eating raw cookie dough a lot of people do, but eating raw cookie dough you have a risk of getting Samonella.
If you want to prevent from getting Salmonella, wash you hand before and after dealing with your foods.
When feeding, giving dogs treats, and playing with them you need to wash you hands, if don't another risk of getting Salmonella.

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