A brand new workshop - C21

WIK/What I Know

  • No one was really interested
  • Carlos was in the workshop
  • Hector is the one, that called Mrs. Curtin
  • Gwen was amazing at sailing
  • Nikki kind of teared up
  • Mr. Curtin couldn't find the sheriff
  • Hector is not coming
  • Mr. Curtin is bleeding
  • Luke is also here
  • Police are coming

SOE/Sequence Of Events

  • Mrs. Curtin is starting her workshop
  • Hector is making smoothies for the members
  • Tom called Nikki
  • Brock,Carlos & Nikki are going to talk to the mob
  • Nikki held Brock's hand
  • Brock held her hand tight
  • Someone threw a rock at Mr. Curtin
  • Luke is helping Brock


Mrs. Curtin : Mrs. Curtin is a very dedicated worker. As an environmentalist, Mrs. Curtin is doing her job. She made her own workshop, so the members can help fix the crisis of Hurricane Oskpearl.

Brock, Carlos & Nikki : Brock, Carlos & Nikki are very brave to go to talk to the mob. The people in the mob were so violent, they injured Mr. Curtin. Anything could have happened to them. But I'm very shocked that Nikki stepped up to talk to the mob because, her character makes her seem like she doesn't take risks.

Snap Shot

I am showing this picture as my "snap shot" because, Hector was making smoothies for all the members in the workshop