My country England is connected to Scotland, Whales, And Ireland. It is also connected to the Irish sea. In England clement is influenced by the sea. Winters are mild. Summers are cool. Rain falls in all four seasons. Scafell Pike is the highest hill in England. It is 3,210 feet. England is mainly low lands. Its good for many people because they can transport faster.


England has a very unique society. Some foods they eat are very similar to american food. They also eat Toad-In-The-Hole many of you might think that it sounds gross but really its just sausage covered in batter and roosted. The religion in England is mostly Christianity. In England they speak english in an ascent. Jobs in England are similar to the US, There are doctors, garbage men, Lawyers and many more.  

Toad in the hole!


England technology is very similar to the US. they have al kind of phones, computers, tablets, and many more. they import things like food, technology. they export the same things. They use this in there everyday life. They use it for everything like emergencies and just to contact family or friends or just play games.


Englands government is a constitutional monarchy. There is a  difference between America and England. America has a president. England has a queen. The government exlusets powers. It also carries the law. In england everyone follows the law


In England they export and import all kinds of thing. Food, Technology (phones,computers,etc). England's economy is one of the biggest in the world. England has the area of 13,395 km. Its population is 51,446,000. England is a rich country. Tourism is an important segment.

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