Our favorite memories of Nidhi and Sourabh's wedding

Dancing with Ratanlal and Shanta Jaju, and more

We had such a wonderful time at Nidhi and Sourabh's wedding. Here are some of our favorite memories.

Shanta Naniji's favorites

  • Dancing with Ratanlal and Shanta Jaju!
  • Seeing Ratanlal Jaju in a suit!!!
  • All of the activities in the tent.
  • Meeting family members after many years.

Meena Mamiji's favorites

  • Spending time together in the tent, and the sangeet.
  • When we were all leaving the home for the wedding hall, having Manjula Didi turn to all of us with great emotion and say how happy she was to have us all there, and begin crying.
  • Spending time again with Shanta Buaji and Ratanlal Phuphaji, who continue to inspire us.

Suresh Nanaji's favorites

  • Asking that the groom Sourabh's face veil be removed so that we could see his pretty face.

Subodh Mamaji's favorites

  • Watching Ratanlal Phuphaji dance with his daughters and Suresh Nanaji on the dance floor; nice moves! And capturing some of the dancing on video!
  • Having Shanta Buaji dance for a while too!
  • Being with family members whom we had not seen in many years--amazing and wonderful.
  • Watching Suraj talk and play with his Chéthan Mamaji, even though Suraj would not talk with his Subodh Nanaji!
  • Listening to singing, and singing.
  • Hiding the groom's shoes and facing down the resulting sometimes hysterical aggression of the groom's younger family members.
  • Taking some beautiful photographs of a beautiful couple, and of so many other moments, including Sourabh's Dadiji and Nidhi's Naniji sitting together--and actually smiling.
  • Taking a magnificent "biodata-quality" ("export quality") photo of Ruchi in her lovely peacock dress on the stairs after the wedding. It has already been printed in the matrimonial sections of newspapers in India and throughout the Indian diaspora.
  • Watching in amazement and pride as nieces danced so brilliantly!
  • Being randomly handed the microphone to "fill time" by Manu; running out of things to say and then blurting out publicly that Shilpa should post fewer scantily-clad photos on Facebook.
  • Going out to Costco to buy lots of fresh fruit of every conceivable variety, chopping it, and sharing and eating it with everyone.
  • Dreaming up with Sushma Didi a big family trip to Rajasthan--we have to make it happen within the next three years.
  • Seeing Manjula Didi and Abhay Gigaji catch each other's eyes and hug each other with emotion at the end of the wedding as if to say, "Job well done."
  • Seeing how much Madhuri Didi loves her nieces, as her own daughters.

Karthik's favorites

  • Dancing at the end!
  • Suraj walking everywhere when people were speaking at the microphone.
  • Eating--the food was delicious!

Chéthan's favorite

  • Jumping around with Suraj!

Akaash's favorites

  • The big dance party at the end with everyone!
  • Sourabh Gigaji feeding Nidhi Didi cake.

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