Landscaping In Your Home – The Choice between Natural Grass and Artificial Turf

If you own a property that has some open space then not creating a beautiful lawn on it is almost a criminal waste of the opportunity that you have. The presence of a green space is very important in any property, especially if it is a house. 63% of homeowners feel that landscaping is an outlet for self-expression and creativity. And I agree with all of these. But even if you do decide to make a garden in your front or backyard, you will have to make many decisions relating to various aspects of the activity including landscaping, turf supplies, hiring a decorator, the look of the place and many others. One of these aspects is the type of grass that you will be using for the landscaping.

Now there will be many people who will advice you for using artificial turf and grass for your garden, enumerating the various benefits of using it. And I am not saying that using artificial turf doesn’t have its advantages. You will get a long term solution for your landscaping needs. Its long lasting and hard wearing nature makes for a good alternative for use instead of natural grass. But still using the natural alternative makes for a good option and I will tell you why.

The industry points out a number of benefits including environmental, economical and even psychological issues to make the case in favor of landscaping with real grass. After consolidating the views of the many property owners as well as landscape artists and designers out there, I have come to the conclusion that using natural grass is the best alternative for any kind of garden that you might be thinking of creating. Let us look closely as to why..

Not only does a properly manicured garden create a positive reflection on the owner of the property it also helps in maintaining a wonderful ambience in and around the building.

Artificial grass is generally 2.5 to 3 times more in terms of initial costs as compared to the natural variety.

The maintenance costs including the cost of water should also be factored in over time.

Then comes the more obvious part about the health benefits of using natural grass for the landscaping of your property. Close proximity to greenery is always considered to be a beneficial for a healthier body and mind.

High levels of oxygen, cleaner, pollution free atmosphere and of course the natural ambience is all very conducive to a better physical as well as mental health.

From the aesthetic point of view as well, natural grass seems to be a better option to use. All of us remember the feeling of sprawling on the grass and spending hours there, simply idling around on the velvety turf. These were some of the best memories from our childhood. Reliving those in your own backyard could be a perk that should be cherished. These are the main reason why you should consider using real grass in your garden as opposed to artificial turf.

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