Nan Borg

Vietnam War
By: Leora Penn & Keren Aharon

Nan was born in North Dakota. She was teaching nursing in Minot, North Dakota. In 1961 she joined the Army Reserves. She was ranked as a colonel. In 1964, she was assigned to an evacuation hospital in Korea. She was a nurse through 1989 and she specialized in intensive care. She counseled junior officers and taught them how to deal with issues of death and dying. She was an Army Nurse corps in the 24th evacuation hospital; brooke army medical center; walter reed army medical center; 121st evacuation hospital; fitzsimons army medical center, and madigan army medical center. She received many medals including the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star and Meritorious Service Medal (2 Oak Clusters). In 1981, she won Army Nurse of the Year.

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2 years ago

Hope Nan is doing well ... it's been a long time