Interior Design
                           by: Raegan Harrell

A picture I took as I helped Ms. Beverly decorate her shop.


1)I arrived at Beverly's Decor and More and toured her shop.  There were tons of decorations. Colors, textures, fabrics, linens, curtains, tables, chairs, and wall art were everywhere.

2)First, I decorated a table with Easter decorations for the holidays and set out sale signs in front of her shop.

3 Next  I put price tags on all the items that were not tagged yet, after I decided how much each item should be worth.

4) I listened to Ms.Beverly, the owner take calls from many customers as she listened to what they were looking for . Many decisions had to be made based on their requests.

5)Watched Ms.Beverly order different types of new decorations off of the interior designing websites.

6)Measured the windows so we could redecorate the back of the store with curtains and other objects.

7)Took pictures of her store and posted them to all of her store social media websites.(facebook and instagram)

8)When customers arrived I helped them find fabric and other decorations for their home, and helped them wrap what the bought.

9) I measured the cloth fabric to see if it would fit around a customers chair she needed to use outside.

10) I looked through all kinds of fabrics to decide which kind worked better outside.

11) I helped carry the decorations to Ms.Beverly's car to deliver to the customers houses.

12)Helped move the new items that had just came in out of boxes and decided where they should go.

My experience

  • This job-shadowing experience met my expectations and I could see myself in a role as an interior designer.  I had a fantastic job learning about interior decorating and will consider it as an option for my future career.  

How is it linked to education?

Math- Math is an important part  of interior design.  Interior designers must take accurate measurements to create blueprints for designing spaces, determine area of objects, and know how to price decorations, and keep accurate records while bookeeping.

Social studies- Interior design usually includes artwork, which can represent different time periods in history and cultural influences.  

Science: Interior designers have to experiment and research to know, for example, which fabric choice would work better outside, or what type of material is best when decorating interior spaces.

Thank you!

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