In 2013, I went camping, for the first time, EVER!

In Spain!

SO! I usually have to force myself to not talk about the year(10 months, rounded) I spent in Spain. But then I saw this and figured why not!? I can possibly win money and it was one(of many) of my best memories of 2013.

It was coming up on a long weekend and I had about 5 days free where I didn't have to "work." So I searched for something to do on a very very tiny budget. I came across this group on a travel/hospitality site that I'm a member of. A few people were planning to find people that would drive and people that would want to split the cost of gas, to the south of Spain, a quaint town called Almeria. The destination was Cabo de gata national park. Of course, I jumped on the opportunity and became part of the five that headed down!

Not knowing who I would end up with, what to expect and if any of them would even speak English(My Spanish was still a work in progress,still is, unfortunately)! It turned out that not only did everyone speak English, but I could not have chosen four better, more awesome strangers myself!

We slept in on the beach, ate on the beach, played and the beach and had I the best time I could have ever expected!

This rocked for me because well, I wanted to go somewhere and I went. I didn't let the uncertainty stop me and in 2014 I plan to make the most of all opportunities given to me and not let the unknown stop me from having an AMAZING EXPERIENCE!

If I win, I will add the $250 to my "see the world"fund! (I'm making a jar and everything! Pics may show up at some point!)

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