Nearpod is one of the top trending technology tools out today!  There are so many possibilities for using Nearpod in the classroom such as: sharing and controlling the flow of presentations with students on any smart device, allowing students to submit answers via Nearpod to you, and using Nearpods in a self-paced environment.

Watch this informational video about Nearpod!

Science Cadre Mondays

Science teachers, if you missed the last Science Cadre Monday, here is the link to the files that were shared with teachers.  Many of the lessons shared at Science Cadre touched on technology as key for deepening student understanding of science. Tish Robert at Rosemeade shared how she uses iPads in her classroom with her science curriculum.  The ITS team shared how to create student assignments in ScienceFusion for more personalized learning.  Check out the Dropbox link for additional science classroom ideas.

Have you ever found a great video on YouTube but just wished that you could enhance it with a few key questions to use in class?   Well, Zaption is for you!  Zaption is an easy to use platform for creating interactive videos that can easily be shared with students via a link or shown in class as a whole group.

Learn about the features of Zaption below.

Tackk: A Communication Tool

Do you like the format of this newsletter? Tackk is an online tool that can be used to create pages on the web whether they be newsletters, blog posts, posters, or other information related materials.

Looking for a way to communicate with parents about current units of study in the classroom? Send your parents a grade level curriculum newsletter via a Tackk. You could post the url to your Tackk on your Edline site and even through the new gradebook feature that allows you to send emails through TEAMS.

Decide Now App

Using Popsicle sticks with student names to call on students? Take that strategy of calling on random students and tweak it by using the Decide Now app.

Remember, if you want all students to be responsible for the learning, always ask the question first to the entire class, give some wait time, then use the spinner. Keeping all students on their toes is a good thing!

Suggestions for App w/Content:

SCIENCE (Natural Resources) Create a spinner with various natural resources and non-natural resources. Whichever it lands on, students have to identify which category the item belongs to...natural or non-natural and why.

READING (Characters) Create a spinner with various character elements you want students to identify as they read.  Spin the spinner after independent reading time, and ask students to share that element as identified in their reading.

Summer Conference:
Learn More, Achieve More

The CFB Learn More, Achieve More summer conference schedule will be coming out soon!  If you'd like to up your game in the technology arena, there will be several sessions for you.  

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Looking for ways to engage your students in this final leg of the school year?  I'm happy to work with you on how to use technology to engage your students and deepen the learning!

Gina Van Bemmel
nstructional Technology Specialist
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