Illegal Immigrants

Illegal Immigration benefits the US

  Illegal Immigration has been in this country for a very long time and people consider it a problem, but some people actually think that it benefits the US economy. It does benefit the US economy and the US in general. It brings different cultures from around the world and different ideas in general. Illegal immigration is the reason that this country is so culturally diverse.

Undocumented workers pour billions into the coffers of state and federal [governments] ... and whatever their costs are to health or schools, they're balanced off by what the public saves in lower food and service costs. This quote shows that even if immigration costs money, it is balanced by other things. People will use money as an excuse against immigration but they are actually proved wrong. Immigration has no issues with money, there are other things that spend a lot of money but not immigration.

High-skilled immigrants produce innovative new products that increase the country's productivity. Immigration policies should therefore encourage talented students to stay in the United States to continue making economic contributions. Illegal immigration helps economic productivity in the US. Without the immigrants the productivity rate would slow down and that would hurt the economy. People don't wants immigrants because they ''take others jobs'' and that is not true. Immigrants usually take the jobs that nobody else wants, and that allows americans to get better high paying jobs.

As you can see illegal immigration is nothing to worry about economically. The US government should focus their money on other things like child hunger for example. People immigrate to this country for a better life, because in their country they may be poor or there may be too much violence. Our ancestors were immigrants too, they came for a better life. The only race that is originally from here is native americans. We should treat everybody the same regardless of their race. We should vote for laws that benefit the immigrants not hurt them. People see immigration as a problem, I see it as an economic solution.