PE Marketing Campaign

Technology/Media Requirments

Everyone will be creating a Tackk to present their marketing campaign. Your Tackk must include a video created in either PowToon or WeVideo. No pre-made videos or on YouTube or Google Images will be accepted, you must create/take your own. Your WeVideo or PowToon need to be creative and address ALL of these items: health, self-expression, social interaction, challenge/s, enjoyment of your physical activity and why you value your activity . Click on the sample Tackk below to see exactly what it needs to include.

Your Tackk must include these things: Title, name/s (NO LAST), change the color and design of Tackk,  a picture or graphic, your Powtoon or WeVideo, at least two links to find information on your activity (can be created as a button or embedded), your works cited information and put tag on the board to submit.

To create a Tackk click on the website:

Click on the signup button at the top and enter your school email address, create a username and a password and click on the Signup with Tackk button. You will click on the blue create button at the top and then select either a blank canvas or anything to start your Tackk board. You Tackk board saves automatically. Watch this short tutorial on how to use different features in Tackk. If you have more questions, click on the button below.

Powtoon and WeVideo can both be downloaded onto your account from the Google App store if you are logged into your account. This allows for easy access to any content that you may have saved in your drive. You can also go to the website below:  

To begin click on the Start Now ----> button and click on the g+ button and it will prompt you to enter your Google information if you are not already signed in. You will click on the create button and click on the first template that says "blank" on the "edit" button(You can take some time and look at the other examples to get ideas). To learn how to use PowToon you can visit their tutorial page by clicking the button below:

To get started watch the first four videos and then go from there.

All PowToons must include: simple text (no paragraphs), music, voice overs (not just talking through your presentation in class), works cited at the end, title, names (no last names) of students in the group, credits at the end, and be uploaded to YouTube so that the video can then be inserted into your Tackk. Your PowToon is to be at least 60 seconds and no more than 90 seconds. Do not wait until the last minute to publish your PowToon and then upload the link into YouTube. PowToons take some time to download. After your PowToon has been created and uploaded to YouTube you must insert the video into your Tackk. Follow the rubric below when creating your PowToon.  Scroll to the bottom of the page for directions on how to submit your Tackk to Mrs. Romance.

Your second option of projects is to create a video in WeVideo. This website/app will allow you to take video that you have filmed on your phone, iPad, flip camera, etc. and create fun videos. To get started click on the website below or add the app to your Google account.

Click on the signup button at the top of the webpage and click on the "get started" under the "free" column. You will then "create new video", you may want to watch the short video on how to use WeVideo or click on "start editing". You must do this project in "Timeline Mode". Below is an example of a video create in WeVideo.

If you need help with anything while using WeVideo you can go to the WeVideo Academy and watch short tutorial videos.

Your WeVideo must include: Voice over, music, pictures, video, text, etc. Look at the rubric provided at the bottom or in Google Classroom.

Adding Voice over:

There are a few ways to do voice over in WeVideo. You may attach a microphone to the desktop and record yourself, record yourself on your phone, use a Chromebook to record voice, or download the WeVideo app on your phone and record your voice. To do this download WeVideo onto your phone, log into your Google account through your Streetsboro email, create a new video, put one picture into the the video and then record your audio by clicking on the microphone. When you have completed this press the upload button at the top and make sure to turn your sync on. After the audio has synced it will be available on WeVideo that you are accessing through the computer, you will need to refresh the video that you are working on and your audio will be under your "me" folder in the top right hand corner of WeVideo.

When your video is complete you will need to publish it to YouTube. To do this, you must click on the "publish" button at top, name your video, click on the free first version(480p), and then click "Publish Video" at the bottom of the screen.  Your video will save to your drive. You must then log into YouTube, with your school account, and upload the video. You must upload the video as "unlisted" and not private or public.

**If we cannot access you video without you logging into your account you will lose points. **

**It takes time for you WeVideo to publish. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!**

You will receive an email when your video has been finished and uploaded to YouTube. You will need to take the link for your video and add it to your Tackk board.


Each video and Tackk must have a works cited page. The information that you will include will be citations for any music, photos, graphics, information used etc. that were not already included in the software program. Two things that you will need to cite will be the websites that you include in your Tackk for extra information.  If you need help creating a proper citation you can use the website below:



Click on the green "Publish Tackk" button at bottom of page.

In the options of Tackk, you must tag your project to the class assigned tag to submit.

If you have any questions, email Mrs. Selak @