The Middle Colonies

The More People, The "Breader!"

New York. Pennsylvania. New Jersey. Delaware. These 4 colonies together are called the middle colonies. Come join us here in the breadbasket colonies, you'll feel right at hom


The weather of our fair region is very moderate, with not a lot of extreme temperatures.  

The weather can get cold here, but not for too long, and it's not super harsh.


The farming in our great colonies is very profitable. The moderate conditions cause for a great growing season, though not as long as our neighbors to the south.

Our soil is great for growing grains like wheat and rye. We grow so much grain and produce so much bread that we have been nicknamed the "Bread Basket Colonies.'


We specialize in grains here, but because of our dense forests, we sell a lot of lumber, and build ships.

Also, our colonies have quite a bit of iron, so we sell iron and iron tools.


There you have it! As you can see, the middle colonies are a great place to live. We hope you visit soon

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